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GUN PROTECT Ammo Cloaks™

The Ammo Cloak uses Corrosive Inhibiting Skin (CIS) Technology. Once sealed, the CIS vapor from the Ammo Cloak emits and adheres to the metal parts of the ammunition. This provides a molecular “skin” that prevents corrosion. Smooth, clean ammunition ejects faster and jams less. The CIS will penetrate standard, unsealed factory boxes to protect ammunition. Remove boxes from case and store in Ammo Cloak. The Ammo Cloak shelf life is 12 months for Sporting and 24 months for Tactical. For additional protection in gun safes, get Gun Protect Safe Environment™ Module. It provides 20 cubic feet of CIS protection for 12 months.

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To Use Ammo Cloak • Insert ammunition into Ammo Cloak • Close Ammo Cloak with resealable Z-Tie clip (provided) • Mark label on Ammo Cloak with date installed • Replace Ammo Cloak in 12 months • If Cloak is punctured simply tape over the hole and Cloak will remain fully functional • To store Cloak when not in use, fold tightly and hold secure with resealable Z-Tie clip