Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bury my weapons once I put them in the Cloak?

A: Yes you can. However, you must insert the cloaked weapon in a non-degrading container. The Cloak will
degrade over time underground from the acidity of the dirt. There needs to be a non-degrading barrier between the Cloak and the dirt.

Q: Will the CIS molecules damage my synthetic stock or my optics?

A: No. The CIS molecules will not harm stocks or optic glass.

Q: How do I know CIS is working if I can’t see it?

A: While it’s true you cannot see the CIS technology at work, the proof is simple. Automotive companies store complete engines in bags similar to Cloaks. These engines can be stored in extreme conditions for long periods of time. Once those bags are opened, the engines go directly into the car and are used immediately. The military stores entire tanks, weapons and parts in similar bags.
CIS technology is more advanced, lab tested and scientifically proven.

Q: Will Spray Shield harm my optic glass?

A: We only recommend that optic glass be cleaned and treated with the optic manufacturer’s recommended

Q: If my Cloak gets a hole in it, do I have to get a new Cloak?

A: Not necessarily. You can repair punctures with a piece of tape. The idea is to not allow air inside the Cloak. However, if your Cloak is ripped or torn beyond repair, we highly recommend that it is promptly replaced.

Q: I bought two twin packs of the Safe Environment Modules. Is it overkill to have three modules in my safe?

A: That depends on the size of your safe. If your safe is 41-59 cubic feet, then three modules would be better. Safes that are 21-40 cubic feet in size need two modules. If the safe or case is under 21 cubic feet only one module is needed. Each Module is designed to protect 20 cubic feet.

Q: I take the treated weapon Wipes with me when I hunt. Do I need to worry about the scent?

A: Treated Weapon Wipes have a very faint scent. Once the weapon is wiped down, store the Weapon Wipe in the bag
provided and close it. Any faint scent exposed during use will dissipate quickly.

Q: How long will Spray Shield last on my weapons?

A: That depends on the environment. The big advantage for Spray Shield is its low viscosity. It will dissipate over time, However, if the environment is arid it will dissipate quicker than if it was humid. Be sure to protect your weapon completely by storing your cleaned weapon in Gun Protect Weapon Cloaks.