Gun Protect Kits – Rifle & Shotgun


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Gun Protect Kits include one each of Spray Shield, untreated Weapon Wipe, Safe Environment Module and a Cloak providing treatment and storage.

Spray Shield is for daily use and long term storage. Take Spray Shield with you in the field to protect your gun from the harsh outdoor environments and keep action operating smoothly, even in icing conditions. During long term storage, Spray Shield aids in protecting all metal parts, including inner barrel and action, from corrosion. There are no hazardous ingredients in Spray Shield.
Use Weapon Wipes to apply Spray Shield. They have 256 micro-cavities per square inch to lift the maximum impurities while applying Spray Shield. Weapon Wipes can also be cut into smaller pieces to clean in tight areas of the action and inside the barrel.

The Weapon Cloak uses Corrosive Inhibiting Skin (CIS) Technology. Once sealed, the CIS vapors emit from the Weapon Cloak and adhere to all metal parts of the weapon, including inside barrel and action. This provides a molecular “skin” preventing corrosion. The Weapon Cloak is safe for Scope Optics. The Weapon Cloak shelf life provided in the kit is 12 months. You can purchase Weapon Cloaks separately in sizes for long guns and pistols.
For additional protection in gun cases and safes, use the Safe Environment Module. The Module emits CIS vapors protecting weapons and ammo from corrosion. One Module protects 20 cubic feet. Two is recommended for safes.