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Spray Shield

  • Used by US Military on guns, bomb racks and missile launchers.
  • Made in USA.
  • Stable to minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the reason guns fire, bombs drop and missiles launch at 45,000+ feet.
  • Repels and displaces moisture. If a weapon is dropped in a lake or pond, clean the weapon normally and apply Spray Shield.
  • Use the Weapon Wipe to apply Spray Shield. It has 256 micro-cavities per square inch to lift the maximum impurities off of weapons.
  • Both Weapon Wipes in the Tactical Grade are treated with Spray Shield.
  • Sporting Grade Weapon Wipes have one treated with Spray Shield and one untreated.
  • Anti-Static. Dust and dirt are not attracted once Spray Shield is applied.
  • Protects, lubricates and cleans at the molecular level in a single application.

CIS_technology safe_env_module




Corrosion Inhibiting Technology – Ammo & Weapon Cloaks – Safe Environment Modules

  • Cloaks and Safe Environment Modules are infused with Corrosion Inhibiting Skin (CIS) Technology.
  • CIS molecules are attracted to and attach to all metal parts.
  • The CIS molecules are heavier than water and air. The molecules can penetrate anywhere air can go.
  • CIS molecules go directly from a solid state to a gas state without going through the moisture state. This means immediate contact and protection.
  • CIS is the newest and most advanced technology available.
  • There are other corrosion protection products on the market. If they don’t contain the advanced technology of CIS, we would not recommend it.
  • This CIS technology is used by US Military on guns and equipment, including wrapping entire tanks for corrosion protection.
  • Similar technology is used in the industrial and automotive sectors. Engines, transmissions and other valuable parts are stored and sealed in bags similar to the Cloaks. After long periods of storage, these items are 100% corrosion free and immediately used on vehicles.
  • All Cloaks, Safe Environment Modules, Weapon Wipes and Spray Shield are Made in the USA.
  • Once Cloaks are sealed, the CIS molecules are activated. They emit from inside the Cloak and attach to all metal parts. Weapons are ready to use right out of the Cloaks.
  • You can remove the weapon from the Cloaks numerous times as long as the Cloaks are rolled up when not in use. Protection period factors in multiple openings.
  • Weapons are ready to use when removed from the Cloak. CIS molecules dissipate when the Cloak is opened. There will be zero residue on the weapon from the Cloak.
  • When gun safes or cases are closed, the Safe Environment Modules emit the CIS molecules and attach to all metal parts.
  • Do not unwrap the modules unless they are ready for use.
  • Cloaks and Safe Environment Modules provide corrosion protection at the molecular level.


Laboratory Test #5444

End User: Red Eagle Technologies / Gun Protect Products
Testing: Confidential November 2012
Testing Contact: Confidential

Corrosion can be prevented on the customer’s metal parts using a combination of both Gun Protect Spray Shield and Gun Protect Weapon Cloak with CIS (Corrosion Inhibiting Skin) Technologies.

Show the effectiveness of Gun Protect corrosion prevention products on gun barrel parts submitted by the customer.
Corrosion Inhibition Rating Legend







Contact Corrosion Test
-Evaluation testing to show how effective the CIS material is on designated metals when in direct contact
-Conditions – run continuously at 120°F, 100% R.H.

Parts tested with Gun Protect Weapon Cloak were first dipped into Gun Protect Spray Shield prior to being placed in the CSI Cloak bag.
Testing was run in duplicate.

Test Products
Control: Plain poly film, non -CIS.
Gun Protect Weapon Cloak poly, 4 mil: Corrosion Inhibiting Skin for long-term multi-metal protection.
Gun Protect Spray Shield for corrosion protection on steel.

Test Setup Photos
















contact corrosion






Test Photos

control_results control_results02







































Conclusions and Recommendations

While there is no direct correlation between lab testing hours and “real world” exposure, common rule is that 120 hours of protection would roughly equal 12 months of exposure. Left unprotected, gun barrels will develop corrosion over time. The proposed system of Gun Protect Spray Shield and Gun Protect Weapon Cloak poly bags with a twist tie closure will effectively protect the metal surfaces for the advertised time period of 12 months.

130820-Gun Protect Spray Shield Rust Test on SteelPlate