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Gun Corrosion: Long Term Storage with Gun Protect.

Gun Corrosion: Long Term Storage with Gun Protect


Once hunting season is over, it is time to store your weapons and ammo. When you pull them out next season, you do not want to waste time cleaning rust. Preventing rust on your weapons and ammo is easy. Just use Gun Protect.

The first step is to clean your weapons as you normally do. Then, wipe them down completely with Gun Protect Spray Shield using a Gun Protect Weapon Wipe. Spray Shield protects lubricates and cleans in a single application at the molecular level. The Weapon Wipe removes any impurities from the smallest pores of metal and replaces them with Spray Shield.


Use Gun Protect Spray Shield When storing weapons.


The second step is place your weapons and ammo in Gun Protect Cloaks. The Cloaks are infused with molecules that are heavier than air and water. They attach to all metal forming a Corrosion Inhibiting Skin or CIS. The CIS blocks the formation of corrosion. Once you take the weapon out of the Cloak, the molecules dissipate.

The Sporting Grade Cloaks prevent corrosion for one year. This period includes multiple openings and closings throughout the year. The Tactical Grade Cloaks protect for two years.


Use Ammo Cloak for long term ammo storage.
Cloak Long Gun tactical and sporting
Use Gun Protect Weapon Cloaks for long term storage.

For additional protection, use the Gun Protect Safe Environment Module. These Modules employ the same molecules as the Cloaks. Place one in a gun or pistol case. Alternatively, place two in a safe. Put one on the top shelf and one on the bottom. Each Module protects 20 cubic feet for one year. Just remove the protective wrapper, write the date in the space provided and put the module to work.





SafeEnviromentGunCaseTurkey6778 LR

Safe Environment Module in a gun case


Your weapons are precious tools. Handing them down for generations is important. Do your part to preserve your weapons. Do it with Gun Protect!