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Gun Corrosion: Why Gun Protect

Gun Corrosion Prevention

Gun Protect products provide corrosion protection at the molecular level for weapons and ammo.  Made in the US and used by the military, this line of products is now available to the public. Here is how they work.

Spray Shield – This formula protects, lubricates and cleans in a single application at the molecular level. It is stable to minus 70 F, is an anti-static, anti-rust formula, repels, and displaces moisture. Use Spray Shield at home or in the field. The scent dissipates within seconds. Take the Spray Shield Challenge. Clean your weapons as normal then, clean it again with Spray Shield. You will be amazed at how much more Spray Shield removes.

Picture Below: Spray Shield 

Prevent Gun Corrosion with Spray Shield


Weapon Wipes – Weapon wipes have 256 micro-cavities per square inch. These cavities remove impurities from the pores of metal and prevent corrosion. Used with Spray Shield, after removing the impurities, Spray Shield fills the pores for even more protection. The Sporting Grade comes with one wipe infused with Spray Shield and one dry. The Tactical Grade comes with both wipes infused with Spray Shield. Each Wipe is 15” X 15”. You can cut them to use as patches to get down inside the action or barrel.


Picture right: Weapon Wipe cut away.

256 Cloth Round
Remove Gun Corrosion with Weapon Wipes and Spray Shield

Weapon and Ammo Cloaks – Gun Protect Cloaks are infused with molecules that seek out and attach to all metals. For over 35 years, this technology prevents corrosion in the automobile industry and the military. Wrapping entire tanks and auto parts for up to ten years, these molecules prevent corrosion with a Corrosion Inhibiting Skin. This skin is odorless and dissipates after opening the Cloaks. Weapons and ammo now have the same opportunity to remain corrosion free. The Sporting Grade Cloaks protect for 12 months and the Tactical Grade protects for 24 months.

Pictures Right:

Pistol Cloak and Rifle/Shotgun Cloak

Prevent Gun Corrosion with Weapon Cloaks.

Cloak Long Gun tactical and sporting

Safe Environment Modules – Infused with the same molecules as the Cloaks, these modules protect weapons and ammo from corrosion with the same Corrosion Inhibiting Skin. Place one in a gun case or pistol case. Place two in a gun safe. Each Module protects 20 cubic feet.



SafeEnviromentGunCaseTurkey6778 LR
Prevent Gun Corrosion with the Safe Environment Module

Picture Right: Safe Environment Module in a shotgun case